Guidelines for Gmod Zombie Survival gamemode

Garry’s Mod or Gmod started as a mod for Half Life 2 and it was launched as an independent game in 2006. Since then, hundreds of add-ons and several gamemodes were developed for this game.

Zombie Survival mod is one of the most popular and most complex gamemodes for Garry’s Mod. If you are new to this mod or to the Gmod, you may find it confusing and difficult when you first install and launch the game. This is why we will give you some basic Ggmod Zombie Survival guide to help you meet the game faster and play it more successfully.

gmod zombie survival

First of all, at the beginning of the game there are a proportional number of humans and zombies. Every time a human dies, it becomes a zombie. In case you turn into a zombie, the only way to go back to human is to kill 4 other humans. This creates disproportion very quickly and adds to the atmosphere and the dynamic s of the game. Humans earn points and power through damaging and killing zombies, and zombies do so by killing humans.

The moment you start the game and spawn as a human, you will see the shop menu. It opens at the very beginning, and you should not close it because some servers do not allow reopening it. There are two methods of buying. The first one is to select the item you want to buy and press “Checkout”. You can also save favorites which will be placed in a separate menu. You can do so by selecting the items you want to use most frequently and press “Save”. This way you will create a kind of a shortcut to the items you buy most frequently.

  • Arsenal: a role essential for survival and serves for buying supplies.
  • Cader: cader builds barricades, does all repairs and helps the survivors.
  • Defenders: this is a group of survivoers who has guns and other weapons. They help their team by bringing supplies, medical kits, arsenal crates, guns and the like.
  • Medics: these are members of the team who help the injured survivors heal. They use medical kits to repair the damage before the new round of the game begins.
  • Repairmen: this group serves to repair the damage on objects. In addition to the hammers they carry, they are also equipped with weapons.
  • Resupply: these are crates you can use every two minutes and they serve to supply you with a pack of ammunition.

It is good to know that you can use this Gmod Zombie Survival guide if you download the free version of the game from websites like Mind your tactics and keep in mind that zombies move much faster than you if you back up. If you want to gain points at the beginning of the game, it is the easiest to do it as a medic. At later stages of the game, it is the easiest to do it as a repairer.

Clan Wars Tips

Clan Wars is special part of Clash of Clans gameplay, after all the name of the game is Clash of Clans, isn‘t it? Strategy is the key for successful winning in Clash of Clans and in this article we will try to describe Clash of Clans Triche 2016, best tips and tricks that you can use to become victorious.

The War Base is just a reproduction of your normal base, but it is significant that you adapt the layout of your war base, mainly to defend your Town Hall. A good strategy is to create special defensive zones. You can also request troops to defend your base and dissimilar from ordinary troops you may demand from your Clan normally, these troops are not used up when your War Base is invaded. They will protect your Clan Castle frequently, even if they are beaten in earlier attacks. Remember that you can take troops from your Clan Castle War Base and replace them accordingly. Never place all your mortars within the same wall, because it would leave you defenseless to Giant attacks. You should also cautiously place air defenses to prevent Dragon or Minions attacks. Then, it may be likely for a clever invader to send air units in direction to take your Town Hall or defensive structures. Through preparation you can see the enemy bases and strategy. Occasionally it helps to design out your attack through preparation, raise up the units you plan to use, and find a suitable base.

The best thing you can do is to select right strategy. Make sure everybody has a single goal. Inspection allows you to design your attacking powers and call the suitable troops for your Clan Castle to use throughout the attack. Did you succeed to get 3 stars? If that is not the case, you might have to reconsider your strategy and troops. The most influential option you have is a replay of your raid. Remember that the enemy can no longer make changes to base, so what traps and troops you see in replay is what you will get during second attack. Often you can find out where are Hidden Teslas. If you see some powerful Clan Castle try to change strategy. Normally the cost of your army is a most important concern . You can use Spells, Giants and Wall Breakers, for example, but they are so expensive, so you should reconsider your army composition. The rewards in Clan Wars are much higher, even if the base is relatively weak. In addition, you are benefiting the entire Clan with each star you earn.

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